Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pocket Pussy Series

 "Aged in Angora"

 "Fuzzy Heart"

 Red and Tangled

 One Eyed Squid

I found this strange pearl purse at the thrift store and I thought it was very weird looking.  I ended up finding several more that I thought may go well in a series of work.  I started making molds by pouring paraffin wax into bunt trays for baking and a gum drop shaped ice tray.  I started assembling my pieces together and the first pocket pussy created was "One Eyed Squid."  I wasn't quite sure what I created, but it was weird and I liked it.  I started calling them pocket pussies because I wasn't sure what else they could be called.  I would like to make more of these, maybe as many as 25.  I like the first one that I created the best and I haven't been able to figure out how to make the rest as successful.  Maybe the final arrangement will make these more impressive. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Collaborations with Graham!

Trippy Green Skull

After my first semester at Penn State, I needed to work on some 2D stuff that was quick and fun during break.  My boyfriend Graham Erwin is an illustrator and screen printer so I decided to work on some collaborations using some old screens that he had.  I cut different colored pieces of paper down and patterned them with spray paint.  I used lace, string and tape to create abstract designs on the paper.  I then randomly pulled the different designs on top of them with the colors that seemed best suited.  After they had all been printed on at least once, I detailed them with colored pencils to add a little pop.  If you want more details you can access them through the links below each image, they are available for purchase on etsy.