Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pantyhose Installation Phase 2

I've been in my new studio at Penn State for about a week now and have gotten the time and space that I needed to start sewing pantyhose to rope. I used untreated rope that is commonly used for household things, such as tying up branches. I came to school with many pairs of pantyhose, but there weren't enough to make as many strands that I felt necessary. I ended up buying packs at Wal-Mart because there are only a few thrift stores here. I'm hanging these 5 strands in a room with a loop hook, tying it with a fisherman's knot. In the front of the room I'm placing a 1940's fan in front of the hanging strands...making them dance.

Mookie making my life more difficult.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My last few days in Columbus.

Art Auction

Graham and Kara enjoying the Art Auction at Chaz's house.

Gonna miss Sarah's bonfires.

State Fair

Pretty studio trash.

Mookie laying in my semi-clean room.