Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pantyhose Installation Phase 2

I've been in my new studio at Penn State for about a week now and have gotten the time and space that I needed to start sewing pantyhose to rope. I used untreated rope that is commonly used for household things, such as tying up branches. I came to school with many pairs of pantyhose, but there weren't enough to make as many strands that I felt necessary. I ended up buying packs at Wal-Mart because there are only a few thrift stores here. I'm hanging these 5 strands in a room with a loop hook, tying it with a fisherman's knot. In the front of the room I'm placing a 1940's fan in front of the hanging strands...making them dance.

Mookie making my life more difficult.


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  2. Very attractive artwork. And sexy as well. This image goes into your mind as 'different' - then 'artistic' - then the 'texture' - then the image hints at your mind about the sensuality of sheer stockings & silky Pantyhose! Love this!

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