Friday, July 29, 2011

Orange Space Kitty

"Orange Space Kitty"

Another commissioned work for a friend. My friend Josh wanted a special gift for his room mate Sarah's birthday. He informed me of her favorite colors, sherbet orange and purple. He wanted a cat with an outer space environment. I think it turned out really well!

If you are interested in a commissioned piece, feel free to contact me:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stella Cat & Glitter House

"Stella Cat & Glitter House"

This is a commissioned piece made for my friend Stephanie. She asked for a house and a portrait of her cutie cat Stella. I made a magical looking cat house and placed little stella in the door frame. There's a crown on top because Stella demanded one. I put a gold lattice frame around the piece.

If you are interested in a commissioned piece, feel free to e-mail me:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pantyhose Installation Planning

I will be leaving for grad school at Penn State in less than a month. I've been trying to gear my mind away from two dimensional work and towards sculpture. I'm inspired by everyday objects that reflect a behavior or way of life. Pantyhose is considered a woman's garment. They are uncomfortable and restricting, a garment meant for fashion and to hide blemishes, hair or scars. I'm unsure yet of the rope or twine that I will use and whether that will hold any conceptual significance.

The installation will consist of pantyhose legs sewn onto a string and strung horizontally from wall to wall. There will be a fan on the opposite side of the room, creating air movement to make the pantyhose legs dance in the wind. They will resemble prayer flags. Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags are traditionally hung outside homes and places of spiritual practice. When caught by the wind, they are said to spread luck and happiness to those around them. I am using pantyhose, a constricting garment that advertises beauty and fashion and giving it the movement of prayer flags. Bringing attention to the beautification of a housewife life by products like pantyhose. The line of pantyhose also begin to look like dead-fish hung from a line. While being beautiful, it also has an eery, uneasy feel.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Prickly Caterpillar

"Prickly Caterpillar"

Sold to my sister!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mini Series

New Mini Series that will be for sale on FIELD DAY.

I created these miniature pieces, filled with hot air balloons, mountains, alien spaceships, cupcakes and more. These pieces range from $10-$16. Perfect for anyone who can't afford to splurge. Come early because these little babies will go quick!

(you can also find us on facebook!)

I wanted to invite all of you guys to an event called FIELD DAY. We're going to have art, music, beer, badminton and $1 hot dogs! This is an all day event from 3pm-midnight, there are 3 artists who will be showing work. Kara Hemsworth, Chaz O-Neil and myself. As of now we have 4 bands that are going to play: Marbles for Eyes, John, Spaced Velvet andDrunk On Horseback.

All day ART/MUSIC HOUSE SHOW, BADMINTON, BEER PONG, GAMES,LOCAL ART, LIVE MUSIC & BEER. Enjoy local art and music, bring your friends and drink some beer! 2577 North 4th St, 43202, near the intersection on Hudson and 4th st. Look for signs! Please note that this is an all-age event. There will be free beer, but we do not allow underage drinking. Again, beer will be free, but only to those over 21.


Hand picked local bands for your listening pleasure.


Both artists received their BFA at The Ohio State University in Art and Technology. Kara's work is character based, she uses digital and traditional mediums to story tell and create well-rounded characters. Dana primarily works in sculpture, but continues to dabble in 2D work on wood and paper, using spray paint to add color.


1st & 2nd Floor: Art, Art and MORE art, snacks, merchandise.
Basement: ALL day music
Outside: Badminton, Games, Beer pong, SPRINKLERS.
EVERYWHERE: BEEEEEER. (don't be afraid to BYOB)

During FIELD DAY, artists will discount prices, this is your opportunity to get a couple bucks knocked of the price of great, original work. Work will be available for purchase, as will merchandise from the bands. Purchased work will be picked up the following day Noon-4pm, so that it can be displayed through out the night. Credit cards accepted! ;)



Coming up North High Street Towards Hudson, heading North.

Turn right on Arcadia

Turn right on north 4th Street

House is on the right. Look for signs.

The best places to park:
Glenmawr Ave
Arcadia Ave
North 4th Street

Bikes can be parked around back or out front, please bring your own lock.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Glitter Mountain

Glitter Mountain

Each piece of paper is hand sprayed by me, using lace and string to create unique patterns. I then cut up these papers into small triangles. I wanted to create a pile, using the triangles to create dimension and a glittery affect. After adhering the triangles to the bare wood, I used fluorescent orange to create a raining acid mist. The piece is framed in yellow painted lattice and is ready to hang.