Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pantyhose Installation Planning

I will be leaving for grad school at Penn State in less than a month. I've been trying to gear my mind away from two dimensional work and towards sculpture. I'm inspired by everyday objects that reflect a behavior or way of life. Pantyhose is considered a woman's garment. They are uncomfortable and restricting, a garment meant for fashion and to hide blemishes, hair or scars. I'm unsure yet of the rope or twine that I will use and whether that will hold any conceptual significance.

The installation will consist of pantyhose legs sewn onto a string and strung horizontally from wall to wall. There will be a fan on the opposite side of the room, creating air movement to make the pantyhose legs dance in the wind. They will resemble prayer flags. Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags are traditionally hung outside homes and places of spiritual practice. When caught by the wind, they are said to spread luck and happiness to those around them. I am using pantyhose, a constricting garment that advertises beauty and fashion and giving it the movement of prayer flags. Bringing attention to the beautification of a housewife life by products like pantyhose. The line of pantyhose also begin to look like dead-fish hung from a line. While being beautiful, it also has an eery, uneasy feel.


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