Saturday, May 12, 2012



After creating "Consequence of Self Indulgence," I had a large amount of material that was loose but still tangled up and really unusable.  I took the tulle canopy from "Consequence of Self-Indulgence" and created two large slugs.  I treated the inside of the slug as an under painting and went back and detailed each one with puffy paint, zip ties and pom pom balls.  The form came from looking at images of Leopard Slugs mating, each slug has both female and male genitalia.  When they mate, they are impregnating each other simultaneously, the partnership is equal, neither one dominating the other.  The phallic form represents the penis and the glowing orifice, the vagina.  I added flickering lights, el wire and moon lights to imitate orgasm. Watch the video to get the full effect!

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