Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Private Opening

 The clever idea to make a bathroom into a gallery space was my colleague and friend Emma Adair's.  Here is a shot of some of the girls I worked with on this project.  The idea was to create a space only for women, by women.  It was a great success!

 Maddie Yesko's black and white images are hanging above the sinks.  I created the sink installations.

 The stalls were decorated by real bathroom stall quotes that I collected during my undergrad at Ohio State.  The girls helped rewrite them onto the bathroom stalls here, which for me turned out to be the most interesting part of the project.  When installing they were reading ones out loud that they found particularly interesting. 
 Our teacher and advisor, Irina!

 My paper towel installation.

 Sink installation one.

 Emma was drawn to this bathroom because of this random room that has no toilet, we used it as additional gallery space.  Alicia Brogan's photograph is hanging on the right, Laura Mecklenburger's collage about the challenges of bathroom in a transgendered body is hanging on the right.

 Emma Adair's cuddly and glittery sculpture was front and center!

 This beautiful ceramic fox is done by Jess Cleply

 My sink installation of soap covered sponges.

 Sink installation two.  Folded paper towels.
Sink installation one.  carved soaps and pink plastic.

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  1. Such a fun show! I hope I will get to be in many others with you Dana.