Sunday, June 12, 2011

Magic Mountain Horizon & Crystal Ball

10"x13" (collage)
11.5"x14.5" (collage with frame)

I got some new spray paint, fluorescent green, pink and yellow. I wanted to make something extremely bright, colorful and fun. To create the mountains, I laid down string and sprayed bright yellow, pink and green on top. I then misted some white, to make it resemble a beautiful starry night. I created several dozens of unique papers, using lace and string to create patterns, I then used these papers to create the trees, sky and triangle collage beneath it.

5"x7" (collage)
8.5"x10.5" (collage w/ matte and frame)

I wanted to create something with some dimensionality, so I worked from back to front, laying triangles on top of one another as I worked towards the center.

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